Greg Rael Law Offices

Humboldt County - California

"HIGH RECOMMENDED.  Mr. Rael and his paralegal Marlene helped me immensely with an issue that I felt would make or break my entire future. These two individuals worked as a team to educate me, keep me informed, and advocate for me throughout my entire experience with the legal system in Humboldt County. Most importantly, they treated me with the utmost respect throughout the entire ordeal. My case involved a petition for factual innocence, which unfortunately is a process that is largely unheard of in this area. Through my initial consultation with Mr. Rael, I realized that he had knowledge of this subject area. As we proceeded with my case, Greg utilized every legal resource in existence to ensure thorough and ethical advocacy in my case. Greg and Marlene truly went the extra mile to do all of the extensive research needed for my case. They treated me fairly, communicating in an efficient and honest manner throughout all of our interactions. I feel that my decision to seek their counsel was the most influential decision in my life, and I am thrilled to say that the outcome was favorable."  -  Tonya, Client

"Mr. Gregory Rael and his paralegal Marlene, have been kind, helpful and very knowledgeable. They have both gone above and beyond in helping me to understand what is going on with my case in this very scary and uncertain time. I feel like they have guided and helped me as they would their very OWN family, they have been straight forward, honest and fair with me, they have treated me with great care and respect, and taken the time to be through and explain anything I did not understand without making me feel less than, or foolish. I feel very comfortable with them and also in very capable hands. I cannot recommend this criminal defense team more, they are at the top of their game and the very best that Humboldt county has to offer. I am extremely grateful for their support, and feel lucky to have found them. " - Client