Humboldt County - California

Greg Rael Law Offices

   “I have known Mr. Rael for 37 years. I was represented by him 30 years ago and have worked professionally with him for many years, currently as an investigator. I have worked within the criminal justice system for years and know that Mr. Rael is highly respected throughout the legal community and considered one of the finest criminal defense attorneys in Humboldt County. 
    Whether through representation, working together, or our friendship over many years, I know Mr. Rael to be extremely knowledgeable about the law and deeply committed to providing the best legal defense to his clients in the most cost effective way. He is extremely thorough and takes time to explain the court process, expectations, and limitations to his clients.   Working with him is a pleasure. I admire his intellect, thoroughness, thoughtfulness, honesty and compassion. I have witnessed these traits for many years in both his professional and personal life. I never hesitate to highly recommend him to those in need of his services as I know Mr. Rael's competency and honesty to be authentic. Mr. Rael has a tremendous work ethic and expects the same from his staff. I cannot emphasize enough how Mr. Rael performs duties to the highest standard while at the same time making his clients comfortable during an extremely difficult time in their lives. 
    Opposing counsel's respect for Mr. Rael's fine mind and integrity more often than not result in a favorable disposition for his clients. Mr. Rael's extensive experience, knowledge, and professionalism equate to excellence in every way. Humboldt County citizens are fortunate to have access to such a fine attorney.”  
- Kerry, Client

     “My husband and I had the privilege of having Greg as my husband's attorney during an extremely tough time in our life, legally and personally. He was a God-send. Very caring, easy to talk to - just an all-around wonderful human being. Of course we hope we never need an attorney again, but we would not hesitate to go back to Greg if the need arises. If there were a higher rating than "Excellent" and five stars, he would deserve it.  An honest lawyer!” - Leslie, Client

“I hired Greg to represent me on a petty theft matter. He was able to walk me through it and at the end of my probation he filed the appropriate papers to get it dismissed/expunged. It may not have been the biggest case for him but he didn't treat me any less special. I would definitely recommend Greg to anyone who is in trouble.”  - Client

    “Highly Recommended!  I met with Greg about 2 years ago. It was the first time I ever had a problem. He was great! He explained everything to me, kept me apprised of everything going on and even helped me when I was off probation to get my matter dismissed. I highly recommend him to anyone!" - Cory, Client

    “I would highly recommend Mr. Rael and his staff. They are very nice and professional. They made me feel very comfortable during an uncomfortable situation.”  - Client

    “Top Criminal Attorney.  Greg and staff were easy to work with and always there for me every step of the way. My first time having to hire a criminal lawyer and they made it easier.” - Beth, Client